Alig Mentors


Our Mission

Guide and Support AMU Life Sciences Students

Empowering AMU Life Sciences and Chemistry students through mentorship, fostering a competitive environment, and promoting excellence. We aim to guide them towards prestigious institutions like IISc, IITs, AIIMS, and more. Our goal is to build a robust community, provide career counseling, and organize informative webinars and seminars. Together, we strive for success and growth.


Personalized assistance for BSc students aiming for prestigious institutions.


Fostering a competitive culture to promote academic excellence.


Building a self-sustainable community for collective success.


Providing career guidance and support through webinars and seminars.

Our Mission

  • To provide Mentorship Assistance to the students pursuing BSc in Life Sciences or Chemistry in our Alma Mater, Aligarh Muslim University.
  • To create a competitive culture and environment for these students, which should promote excellence and help in the upliftment of our community through education.
  • The ultimate goal is to assist and guide these students to help them get enrolled in some of the prestigious institutions in India offering MSc in Life Sciences or Integrated Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. These institutions include IISc, JNCASR, IITs, TIFRs, IISERs, AIIMS, and SLS or SBT JNU.
  • To build a robust, efficient, and self-sustainable community of Life Science graduates of AMU so that together we succeed in our collective endeavors.
  • To build a database of Life Sciences alumni of AMU and their official contact details for easier communication and reach.
  • To organize regular webinars and seminars on current trends in Life Sciences and numerous mentorships sessions aimed to cater to various aspects of exam preparation and career counseling.
  • To build a healthy and thriving relationship with the enrolled students in AMU and the alums studying in a prestigious institution in India and abroad.
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