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Mahek Farhan Selected for MSc M. Biochemistry at AIIMS New Delhi

Mahek Farhan

MSc Medical Biochemistry, AIIMS New Delhi (2022-24)

It has been a worthwhile experience with Alig mentors. In spite of being themselves enrolled in demanding courses with hectic schedules the mentors were always there for my counselling and support. From book recommendations, exam strategies to taking online classes and calming us down before an exam, all mentors have always given their 100% without expecting anything in return. Alig Mentors has played a major role towards my successful admission into AIIMS, New Delhi. I always tell Shabab bhai that without this team I wouldn't even have thought of giving the entrance exam for AIIMS. Everything was so systematic and all the mentors were so kind and humble that never felt any hesitation to ask my doubts. The google meet session were really helpful. The motivation session before exams used to calm me down and give me confidence.
Shahnawaz Zafar Selected for MSc Life Sciences at IISc Bangalore

Shahnawaz Zafar

MSc Life Sciences, IISc (2022-24)

As a science student, I was unaware of the various exams/competitions available after undergraduate studies, such as GATE, JAM, TIFR, and more. Alig Mentors played a crucial role in introducing me to these opportunities. Their dedicated and supportive team members guided us right from the beginning, providing insights on post-BSc opportunities, application processes, research proposal writing, and more. Their continuous motivational sessions helped me crack exams, face interviews, and ultimately secure admission into the MSc program at IISc. I am proud to be a part of Alig Mentors and highly recommend them to aspiring students who want clear guidance and a solid path for their future careers.
Aliya Qamar

Aliya Qamar

MSc Life Sciences, IISc (2023-24)

It's been a wonderful experience being a part of Alig Mentors team. I owe all my success to the mentors of this organization. Besides providing notes and taking classes I'm mostly greatful for the guidance provided to us regarding the exams and courses after BSc. Life Science and to crack the same. This clarity from the very beginning made us steer ahead of our competitors. The Alig Mentors also played a vital role in building confidence in me by their frequent talks and sessions and their untiring efforts finally paid off. Alig Mentors team was a blessing that worked wonders for me and I'll always be grateful to them.
Narjis Fatima Selected for MSc Life Sciences at IISc Bangalore.webp

Narjis Fatima

MSc Life Sciences, IISc (2023-24)

When I started out as a Bachelor in Biochemistry, I had absolutely no clue what career options the field holds for me. Unsure of how to embrace my subject, the one I myself chose with so much interest, and on top, being unaware of any of the exams I was eligible to take to further my career, in a pandemic stricken world, felt like a bad dream. That's when one of our super-seniors approached us and offered his generous guidance into what eventually paved the way to Alig Mentors. I'm delighted to say that I was able to qualify GATE-XL 2023 with AIR 168. I consider myself highly blessed to be able to study under the mentorship of Alig Mentors, which not only provided me with a direction but guided me at every step of the journey and gave me a newfound passion for my subject. The team members are extremely supportive and encouraging. They also offered individualized assistance to us, whether it was in terms of guiding our career choices or providing emotional support. "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X I believe the aforementioned quote aligns perfectly with the cherished vision held by Alig Mentors. We hope that those who embody the spirit of our Alma Mater will travel across the globe and achieve remarkable success in all their endeavours.
Sana Inam Selected for M. Biotechnology at AIIMS New Delhi

Sana Inam

Masters in Biotechnology, AIIMS New Delhi (2022-24)

The entire team of Alig mentors has helped me a lot in my preparation. Since I am a student from different background, it has become possible for me to prepare only with their proper support, guidance and motivation. They never fails to response promptly to any queries that we have asked even after their own busy schedule. They’re an inspiration to us. All those sessions, notes, YouTube videos are truly wonderful and helped me a lot in my preparation. I have learnt a lot from you all. Thanks for the words of encouragement and guidance and for all you have taught. They provide separate mentors for each student with whom we can discuss our problems. My special thanks to my mentor "Shabab bhai". As my mentor, he has provided me with undue support through flexibilty, discussion and meeting hours.
Gulfisha Mehrose (Selected for Int. PhD at IISc Bangalore)

Gulfisha Mahrose

Integrated PhD, IISc (2022-2028)

I always felt the lack of mentorship in my life, there was no one from the beginning. I've learned, life isn't all about working hard and do it alone. Everything gets meaningless at a point when you are all alone in your journey. For the first time in my life, I experienced proper mentorship and guidance. And the level of dedication is un-expectable!! For the first time, I really felt grateful to be in AMU, because in other colleges, there is no such emotions that students share here in Aligarh. Also it really helped me to manage my stress level as well as my confidence level.
Aliza Zainab

Aliza Zainab

Masters in Medical Biotechnology, 2022-24

Starting from the very first session, where we discovered what are the various opportunities for us after bachelors, it was very informative as we were nothing but just a bunch of students thinking this is it and the only option we have is AMU. But thanks to Shabab Bhai, after that first interactive session we were easily able to explore various opportunities. Because we did have little idea about JAM but no one told us about TIFR or GAT-B. Most importantly I understood the role and importance of a mentor because it was like a blueprint that was provided to us and all by Alig Mentors Team, all we needed to do was to follow the mapping. As I am not that extroverted, this 1 on 1 Mentor-Mentee system helped me a lot as it made it easy for me to express my fears and strengths more freely with a feeling of privacy. And last but the least, I was easily able to understand and get to know a lot about the topics concerned. To be more precise, I gained a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Thank you for this effort and I really hope this initiative of yours gets more recognition and help us and others students in the future as well.


B.Sc. Zoology

It has been a very long time since I have been connected with "ALIG MENTORS"- an initiative by Ex-Alig students for brightening the future of students. I had the very fruitful and outstanding experience of being associated with this group. Each and every mentor here is really fabulous. They are trying their best ways to enable Aligs to be in the best and top-notch positions. Although it's just a short beginning InshaAllah, better days are waiting for us all. Thanks to the whole ALIG MENTORS Team with respect.
Areeba Tariq

Areeba Tariq

B.Sc. Chemistry

I came to know about Alig Mentors through WhatsApp… All the sessions that I have attended so far were very interactive with a good learning experience. During the pandemic, everything has switched to the online mode where it’s very difficult for the freshers to get in contact with the teachers or the seniors for guidance, so interacting with the mentors (PG students) who are already a part of the Institutes in which we all are so passionate to get in for the PG course, seems to be very helpful.
Madiha Ali Khan

Madiha Ali Khan

B.Sc. Biochemistry

A selfless team. They are always fully enthusiastic to help their juniors in every possible way, always guiding us towards endless future opportunities. And they have never failed to make us believe in ourselves. I'm highly thankful to the entire team.
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