Alig Mentors


Our Programs

Currently we are running Mentorship Program for the students of Life Sciences and other streams who wish to pursue MSc Biotechnology, Biochemistry,  Biophysics, Bioinformatics or Integrated PhD in Biological Sciences.

So we’ve more than 250 students of AMU (almost 150 girls and 100 boys) connected to us. These students are mostly from different streams of life sciences and also from chemistry department. These students have constant online support as and when needed according to their needs.

We’re also running Personal Mentorship Program in parallel where we’ve filtered students from final year who wish to pursue their dreams with us under 24*7 guidance and personal support of a Mentor. Every student in this scheme has a personal Mentor so that each one of them is provided with personal care and guidance according to their specific needs and convenience.

We’ve also filtered second year students on similar basis and seek to work with them rather closely with special emphasis on personal care and support to each students.

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