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Introductory Session Held for the 2023 Batch of Alig Mentors

It was finally a time for starting a new journey with the latest batch of students after the registration process, followed by an extensive one-to-one personal interaction with each student. This entire process made us aware of the students’ individual needs. It helped us filter students who are passionate, highly motivated, and willing to participate actively and engage in the Mentorship Program. We hope to make this family a happy, hardworking one, and together, we will succeed Insha’Allah.


It started with welcoming the new batch of students, followed by everyone’s introduction to everyone else, which is the first step towards making a lively and engaging Alig Mentors family where we look forward to teaching and learning happily together.

Our Founder & Mentors then interacted and shared their experiences with the students and talked about their commitments and what lies ahead for the students, which were then followed by a discussion on what we expect from the students for better functioning of the entire mentorship mechanism. A personal mentor will be assigned to each student.

One of the most significant commitments made by the Alig Mentors Team was their announcement that there would be a mentor for each subject. Depending upon the student’s and the mentors’ feasibility, timing, and availability, we hope to help the students prepare for each subject. It will be done by organizing frequent lectures and discussion sessions followed by quizzes and consistent assessments of the progress made by each student.

Subject Mentors assigned are as follows:

  1. Ms. Sabiha Parveen – Basic Chemistry
  2. Ms. Kulsum Fatima – Immunology and Cell Signaling
  3. Mohd. Sarim Siddiqui – Tools and Techniques
  4. Mohd. Fahad – Biochemistry
  5. Mohd. Ahmad – Recombinant DNA Technology
  6. Md. Shabab Anwar – Cell and Molecular Biology


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